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An affiliate is someone who helps attract new customers to our site to purchase games. For this service, we will give the affiliate 30% of each sale. If you're looking to earn a little extra money on the side, it's easy to contact us and be considered for our affiliate program.

So, how does this thing work?

Simply by placing a link on your website, a cookie will track a visitor from your website to here. If the visitor goes on to purchase the game, you'll receive 30% of the sale. It's that easy.

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About Super Furious Software

Super Furious Software are independent game developers, living and working out of Perth, Western Australia. We're not superstars of the game development world, and we're not a huge team of experts. All we are is passionate about creating unique and entertaining games, with an edge you won't find anywhere else in the world.

For now, that's it. We're here to support our first game, Cellblock Squadons, develop new games that are better than what we've done before, and get behind the community of gamers who are looking for something... different.

If you need to contact us directly, you can do so at