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Version 2.3 patch available.

This update includes some minor bugs fixes, and introduces some voice work into the game. For this, we'd like to thank our good friend Tony who put in some long hours to provide it for us, and pull of the best Warden Jensen possible. Grab it from the download page now. If you're interested in Tony's work, please visit his personal website, Anthem Audio.

For more information about Cellblock Squadrons, feel free to check the game page and download the new demo, which includes features from the 2.3 patch. Then visit the store to purchase, or our forums to share with us any feedback you might have, whether good or bad.

Cellblock makes top 100...

"Cellblock Squadrons packs enough original ideas and slick production value to stand out as a new high point for the genre."

Cellblock Squadrons makes it into Gametunnel's top 100 indie games of the last three years! After a number of years we still think Cellblock Squadrons is as worth playing as the day it was released, but we also think the list is a fantastic resource for finding the best in independent gaming.